National Plus Insect Killer 2W

National Plus Insect Killer 2W


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Portable Back Support Belt Pad Correcting Brace Ergonomic Waist Protector for Better Sitting Posture


• The Maximum Stretch Length Of The Tape Is 20 Inches.
• It Can Protect Your Kidneys, Correct Your Posture, And Make Your Waist More Slender

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Portable Back Support Belt

  • The back support belt makes you sit ergonomically in any chair without effect, even at night while watching TV just strap it on after long work during the day.
  • It does help sit straight and protect your lower back and waist.
  • When you’re at your desk, on a plane or train, wear the support around your back and knees, and have a perfect sitting position in ten seconds flat.
  • Anyone who sits for long periods has a wrong sitting posture suffers from lumbar disease is suitable for this product.
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    Portable Back Support Belt

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